Saturday, September 2, 2017

Choosing a Pest Control Method

No one likes to think about pest control because it means we have undesired guests living in our homes or yards that are not all that pleasant. Whether it's termites, spiders, ants, or rodents, there are a few things you can try, although nothing is as effective as calling on a professional. They can help you identify the best method for treating your problem with the least disruption to your daily life. Depending on your particular problem, one or more of the following methods may be used:


This method uses some bait to attract insects into traps. The bait may be a pesticide, an organic material, or even a regular kitchen item. Some baits contain a poison that allows the insect to feed and return to their colony, where they will poison the entire population. Some recommended areas for using bait in your home are kitchen cupboards and drawers, under the sink, behind kitchen appliances, and near water installations in the bathroom. This method is preferred by many homeowners, since the bait is not easily seen by people in your home, does not have a strong odor, and is virtually non-toxic to people and pets.

Attracting Other Insects

This method is usually done outdoors for those pests that eat shrubs and garden plants. You can order beneficial insects that will naturally prey on the pesky ones, or plant species that are known to attract the right kind of bugs. This does take a little time, however, so it should be something you plan for early in the season, in order to give the beneficial insects time to grow and establish their hunting ground.

Chemical Control

Insecticides are a very common method, and can be administered by a homeowner or a professional service. Make sure you are using the insecticide that's appropriate for your particular situation, and always closely follow the application instructions. If you have any doubts or if you have a significant insect problem, you may want to consult a professional pest control service before spending time and money on an ineffective method that may cause harm to pets or vegetation.


This method is commonly used for non-insect pests, such as rats and mice. They catch rodents and hold them until you, or a professional, can empty the trap. You can purchase mouse traps at many retail locations. If you have an issue with larger rodents, such as moles ruining your landscape, you may want a professional pest control service to set traps outside and take care of disposing of the unwanted creatures.

As with many things in life, however, the best pest control is prevention. You can prevent infestations by making sure all possible entryways are sealed off, blocking any food sources, and managing excess moisture, which makes an optimum breeding ground for pests.

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