Tuesday, May 30, 2023


“We have been clients of Bob for 20 to 25 years now and continue to feel very satisfied. He comes once a month to deal with the varying problems through the cycle of the year. We first used his services when we had problems with little brown sugar ants, carpenter ants and fleas spread from our cats. Our own efforts didn’t work but Bob handled the ants. Like the earlier reviewers, we have occasionally had situations where Bob has had to come back several times. We have been impressed how professional he is, how patient, how reliably cheerful. When we ask Bob questions about the biology of the pests, their behavior, and the science behind the chemicals being used and their safety, he invariably knows the answers. We think very highly of him and Barbara."

Jeff Verges/Owner/Operator
742 Santa Anita Court
Eugene, OR 97401

541-688-0580 Eugene 
503-371-8373 Salem

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